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Protecting Floors During the Holiday Season

We can hardly believe it, but the holiday season is here! If you’ve walked into any retail location through Nashville or Cool Springs, decorations are popping up all around. As the season approaches and people begin to celebrate with parties and dinners it is important to protect your floors as best as possible. With pine needles, snow and other holiday cheer, you want to make sure your hardwoods or carpet looks as great at the end of the season as they did in the beginning. All elements are not the same. Some cause water damage, like snow while, others can cause staining like food. Here are some ways to protect your beautiful floors from the holiday elements:

Snow and ice — It’s been a mild autumn so far, but don’t rule out snow this season. Even as early as Thanksgiving, snow and ice can be a factor. The harsher the elements, the more people will trek in leaves, snow and ice (and the salt that often accompanies) from outside. What’s the biggest threat? Hardwoods and linoleum can become hazards for slipping and falling when water and snow trail in. This can become dangerous for customers or your house guests. Consider adding rugs or mats at doorways. This is a great suggestion to consider even if your flooring is carpet since salt and continuous snow can cause staining or damage to your floors.

Decorations — Decorations are some of the best parts of the holidays! They put us right in the holiday spirit, right? Pine needles, leaves, gift wrapping and tinsel can take over your floor in the throws of the holidays — especially if you have a living Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter if you have carpet, hardwood or linoleum — it is all a mess! Always have a sweeper nearby to help keep the area clean and looking great.

Food — Food and holidays go hand-in-hand. A lot of great food is consumed when the holidays approach, even in offices and other commercial areas. (Office potlucks, anyone?). Wine, cranberry sauce stains, turkey legs or other food spills be left behind in the carpet or other flooring. If you have carpet, keep carpet cleaner around in case of an emergency. If you have hardwoods or linoleum, be sure to clean up immediately to avoid odors or damage.

The holiday season is full of great family, friends and food — but your floors can often bear the weight of the festivities. As the massive amounts of holiday cheer enters your home or Nashville area business, be sure to take precautions for your floors. For additional questions about proper care of hardwood, carpet or even linoleum, call the Ozburn-Hessey today at (615) 254-1585.

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