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Ways to Get Bad Smells Out of Floors

A bad smelling carpet is an unfortunate thing. Whether it’s pets, mildew, constant staining or wear and tear, having a bad-smelling carpet is usually bad for business and house guests. Just like stains, the odor on your residential and commercial carpet should be treated and cared for properly as it will keep your floors looking and smelling fabulous. So how do you keep your carpets from smelling foul? If a spill or accident occurs, treat it immediately to avoid any long-term damage. Not sure how to treat it? Here are few ways you can easily use to treat floors in your home or commercial space:


  1. Baking Powder/Vinegar — This is a great way to effectively remove the odor from residential or commercial carpet with products you can easily find in your home or office. Using a solution of vinegar and baking soda is an organic way to help you get rid of those unwanted smells.

  2. Household Cleaners — Household cleaners are other easy and fast ways to remove stains and their smelly friends. OxyClean, Nature’s MIracle and Febreeze are just a few brands you can purchase in stores and use on your carpets to eliminate stains. Though these cleaners do cost a bit more than baking powder and vinegar, they are effective and popular cleaners used by many.

  3. Hot Water ExtractionHot water extraction should be a regular form of carpet cleaning. We know that this method can not be completed as easily as the first two, but it’s the most effective. Giving your commercial carpet (or your residential one) a deep clean will eliminate any nose-crinkling smells that loom.

Carpets are versatile and comfortable flooring that can last for years. However, they have to be taken care of well, even if that means treating any mildew, pet odor or other issues that might arise. Don’t have carpet, but thinking about your next flooring installation? Ozburn-Hessey can take you under their wing and guide you to the best carpet or hardwood that fits your budget and your flooring needs.

For more information about residential or commercial carpet and other flooring installation such as hardwood, contact the team at Ozburn-Hessey for more information today!

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