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Floor Scratch Prevention Techniques

One of the biggest concerns with hardwood floors is the scratching that can occur during everyday wear and tear. Obviously this issue is even more likely in commercial spaces where there are high volumes of traffic on a daily basis. So what can you do to prevent the scratching? It’s a pain to have to deal with the damage, especially when you’ve already invested in beautiful hardwood for your floor installation. So here are a few techniques to consider in order to prevent scratching from your flooring.

  • No heels or wheels — this is very important to keep in mind if you have hardwood flooring in an office. With constant traffic and buzz, scratching the floors can be a common occurrence.  Ask employees to not wear skinny heels and remove the wheels from office chairs. These are common villains to hardwood flooring and can cause damage to the floor installation if not careful.

  • No pets — this is another important rule to enforce in your commercial space if you want to prevent floor scratches. While it’s fun to have a pet-friendly space in your commercial office, it’s not always smart if you want to maintain a beautiful floor. Little paws with long nails can often be the culprit, so if do choose to have a pet-friendly office, be sure to keep their nails trimmed.

  • Add rugs or mats — this an easy and inexpensive way to prevent scratching on your floors. If your office needs wheels on chairs, adding mats underneath the chair helps protect the floors from scratching. Large area rugs or hallways rugs are also good considerations for high traffic areas. Not only can this technique prevent scratches but it’s an excellent accessory for your interior design.

Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to your home and commercial space, so it’s important to keep them in tip-top shape. Interesting in learning about floor installation and other flooring types? Contact Ozburn-Hessey today for a consultation within the Middle Tennessee area. Hardwood, commercial carpet, vinyl and acoustical ceilings are only a handful of ceiling and floor installations available.

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