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Three Reasons to Add Acoustics in Nashville Restaurants

If you eat out around Nashville much, you know many restaurants have a warehouse look to them. Concrete floors and open ceilings give this look and it’s overall a really trendy interior design right now. But even even still, sounds control is important when dining out. Though it might look like a large warehouse, you don’t want it to sound like one. So whether you’re in a large eatery in East Nashville, or a larger venue for a wedding downtown, adding acoustics is a great decision for any restaurant.  Here are three reasons to consider adding acoustics in restaurants:

Sound quality: According to a new paper by the Ceilings Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA), food professionals can suffer from hearing damage in restaurants because the noise levels violate OSHA levels for prolonged noise exposure. With acoustical ceilings, you can avoid sound damage to your employees. In addition, sound quality is important in restaurants for customers and workers alike. Who wants to eat at a place where you can’t hear the people you’re with?

Positive aesthetics: This is a great reason to complete acoustical ceilings. The interior design of a commercial space is crucial. From the floors to the ceiling tiles, we understand that the look of a restaurant can bring your space from average to impressive. And even if you want to achieve the open ceiling and warehouse feel, there are ceiling tiles that can complete this look while still providing sounds control.

Affordable: This is often the driving force when dealing with flooring and acoustical ceiling installation. And though it might seem like a large cost on the front-end, it’s rewarding long term and well worth the cost. For both sound quality and aesthetics, it’s a win-win. Ozburn-Hessey will work with you to make sure you get the best ceiling tiles (and even flooring if you want it) for your budget.

Acoustical ceilings are great assets to a commercial space, especially restaurants. They not only improve the sound quality and interior design of the area, but they’re affordable. You can achieve the look you want without breaking the bank. Want more information on acoustical ceiling installation or even floor installation? Contact Ozburn-Hessey for consultation today!

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