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Nashville Trend Alert: Open Ceilings in Restaurants

For the past several years, Nashville has grown into a thriving city with beautiful museums, music venues and food that is out of this world. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Middle Tennessee has great food. So as trendy restaurants pop up with delicious menus, we’ve noticed a pattern emerging in a lot of the new places around town that’s causing a lot of buzz — open ceilings.

Why open ceilings? Commercial owners are looking to open ceilings for a various of reasons. It gives the restaurant a much more open feel, where ceiling tiles and floors could otherwise close in the space making it seem much smaller to customers. In addition, restaurants looking to achieve the farm to table idea, having open ceilings in restaurants convey a rural aesthetic, which can reaffirm this popular concept. With open ceilings and simple flooring, restaurant owners are finding they can do a lot with a lot less.

But what about sound control? Although opening ceilings are popular, sound control is a primary concern, especially in restaurants or music venues that also have a dining experience. Acoustical ceiling (and sometimes floors) is a great alternative to gaining an open ceiling look, while still maintaining sound control. Flooring installation can help with this too; however, Ozburn-Hessey’s catalog of acoustical ceiling tiles are manufactured for the sole purpose of sound quality and control.

Can I have both looks and quality? The great thing about acoustical ceiling installation is that you’re getting both the look and the quality for your money. Ozburn-Hessey’s clients are able to maintain an open ceiling concept in their commercial space, while still receiving noticeable sound control.

Acoustical ceilings are the cream of the crop in the ceiling and floor installation industry. And if you want to add something extra with your new ceiling tiles, Ozburn-Hessey can complete a variety of commercial flooring installation such as commercial carpet, hardwood and vinyl floors. Don’t be the last one in Nashville with this beautiful new acoustical ceiling trend. Call Ozburn-Hessey today to schedule a consultation!

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