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Ways to Prevent Your Floors from Weather Damage

It’s no secret that Middle Tennessee is experiencing a lot of severe weather recently. Storms, tornados and extreme heat are just a few to name. It’s also no surprise that even in the winter, weather can cause havoc on your floors. Snow, salt and ice are all elements that also contribute to damaged floors. Commercial carpet, hardwood and even vinyl can slowly deteriorate if proper care is not considered, especially when weather is at its worst. There are a few steps that you can take to keep your flooring looking spectacular all year long.

Entryway Rugs — This is probably one of the best and less expensive ways to protect your floors from the weather. During the middle of a summer storm, door mats can be placed at entrances to soak up the water as customers enter the commercial space. Entryway rugs are great for all types of flooring including commercial carpet and hardwood, and there is a variety of looks to go with to match your interior.

Upkeep — Regular maintenance is crucial when preventing your flooring from weather. If it’s small amounts of weather elements, easy clean up is always a fast and common solution. Sometimes, though, a much deeper clean is necessary. Hot water extraction is a great way to avoid odor and staining in your commercial carpet. If you have vinyl, profession care might be necessary to avoid damage underneath.

Durable Floors — Picking durable materials for floor installation is a great way to avoid major damage. Though sometimes severe enough weather can’t be avoided, installing a tough floor can get you through some less severe situations.

Weather can be a tricky thing, so it’s important to have the right people (and floors) behind you. If you have questions about durable floor installation or how to keep your commercial carpet looking spectacular let us know. Upkeep and tricks of the trade are also great ways to prevent damage to your beautiful flooring. For more information about Ozburn-Hessey’s commercial flooring installation process, please call us at 615-254-1585.

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