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Ways to Prevent Scratching on Commercial Hardwood

In many commercial spaces in Nashville, hardwood has been number one choice in flooring. Hardwood is not only beautiful and appealing, but it can last for years if treated and cared for properly. However, sometimes that is hard to do, especially with commercial flooring that usually wears down more quickly than residential flooring due to high traffic volumes and constant change. Though cleaning for your hardwoods is crucial in maintaining the longevity of your flooring (hyperlink), usually it’s a good idea to analyze your space and determine ways you can avoid scratching and other cosmetic damage to your floors. Not only will this prevent any unnecessary and costly repairs, but it will keep your floors looking marvelous for years to come. 

If your furniture doesn’t move often (such as office furniture), using felt, cork or rubber pads underneath the legs of the furniture is a great idea. This will prevent an unnecessary scratching even if things need to be moved around or adjusted. This is ultimately an inexpensive and easy way to prevent damage to your hardwoods.

If your furniture moves often (such as retail furniture), adding rollers or glider pads to the bottoms of your furniture is another good solution. Moving around carts, stands or display cases frequently can increase the damage to the floors. With glider pads or rollers, you can easily avoid this problem leaving your hardwoods looking sharp.

Another solution that many people prefer, is adding area rugs or mats underneath furniture (hyperlink). This is often a popular choice because it can enhance your overall interior design. A lot of commercial spaces benefit from this creative solution because it’s inexpensive and can be redesigned all the time.

When you invest in hardwood floor installation, you want to make sure it lasts as long as it can. Though Ozburn-Hessey recommends frequent care and cleaning, it’s also important to prevent scratching, denting or other damage too. Whether area rugs or your thing,or you need something more permanent on the furniture, preventing damage is a sure way of keeping your hardwood looking great. 

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