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Ozburn Hessey Wins Construction Excellence Award

One of the most rewarding things for Ozburn-Hessey is to see the finished project. From floor installation to acoustical ceilings and other types of ceiling installation, the team works on a variety of installation services to improve the overall look of many commercial spaces throughout Middle Tennessee. But when Rulon International and Ozburn-Hessey won CISCA’s Construction Excellence Award for their MTSU project, it was a pleasant surprise.

“When you are in the middle of installing a large scale unique product like that, you aren’t thinking about winning any awards or having any notoriety, other than just being able to say your company installed it,” Ozburn-Hessey’s Project Manager Matt Poag explains. “I am thankful that there are people out there who can dream up these designs and companies that make beautiful products. It makes our portion of the project scope pretty easy, and reflects well on us once it’s finished. I’m just honored to be included in the recognition with the people who did all the groundwork.”

The award is given by the Ceilings & Interior System Construction Association (CISCA). Every year the association presents the award to an array of companies for outstanding projects throughout the last year. In addition, this prestigious award will feature winners in the association’s Acoustical Interior Construction Magazine.

The MTSU project was a huge joint effort completed with Ozburn-Hessey and Rulon International. The acoustical ceiling is featured at Middle State University in the Rhea Atrium. One of Ozburn-Hessey’s largest completed projects, the ceiling spans over 200,000 square feet. The stunning wood panel is manufactured by Rulon International, where the Ozburn-Hessey team visited for an installation workshop before the project began to minimize any potential issues while on site.

For more information about Rulon or Ozburn-Hessey’s ceiling installation or floor installation services for commercial spaces, contact them today!

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