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Different Spaces to Install Acoustical Ceilings

Ozburn-Hessey doesn’t just stop with floors. Acoustical ceilings is also part of Ozburn-Hessey’s bread and butter. Ozburn-Hessey has installed a variety of ceilings including acoustical projects like the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and the award-winning ceilings in Middle Tennessee State University. But these spaces aren’t the only places where acoustical ceiling would look great! From large spaces to small ones, an acoustical ceiling installation pairs great with beautiful commercial floors. Here are a few spaces where acoustical tiles look great, including some you may not have considered yet:

Auditoriums and Concert Halls — This is probably the most popular way to install your acoustical tiles. In an environment where sound quality and control is crucial, acoustical ceilings is a great benefit to any music venue or auditorium. With Ozburn-Hessey’s help, you can virtually install any type of acoustical ceiling you choose.

Schools — Acoustical ceilings are great for schools. Not only is it beneficial for spaces with auditoriums and band rooms but it’s great for sound control, which can often be a concern when children are present. There are all kinds of acoustical tiles that are great for schools, and Ozburn-Hessey would be happy to show you!

Other Spaces (Lobbies, Offices, Restaurants) — A lobby or entryway in an office or restaurant is always the first thing a customer sees when entering a building, which is why having sharp-looking floors is always a great idea. But consider installing acoustical ceilings! It is another way of adding flair to your commercial space.

Acoustical ceilings don’t have to be just for music venues! Utilize them for all sorts of commercial spaces! Ozburn-Hessey works with a variety of vendors to ensure you get the perfect ceilings for your space. Not sure about ceiling installation and want some additional information? Contact the crew today to learn more!

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