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Mix and Match Flooring: Using Unique Combinations for your Installation

One of the great things about floor installation is the creativity that it takes when choosing your material. Sure, most commercial flooring needs to be durable to handle a large level of usefulness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Mixing and matching flooring while using unique and fun combinations gives you a look that’s both useful and striking. Ideas can range from adding a simple carpet rug to a hardwood floor or installing more than one flooring material in a room. Here are just a few ways to consider giving your floors a little more character:

Colors — This is an easy way to give your floors a unique look. Many of Ozburn-Hessey’s vendors provide types of flooring with a variety of color and flare. Take Patcraft for example. Their commercial carpet choices range in a variety of colors giving your flooring something worth bragging about.

Textures — Mixing and matching textures is another great way to dress up your flooring. Adding something as simple as a fluffy, carpeted rug on hardwood can give you a great look. If you want something a little more permanent, try installing two flooring materials together in the same room. For example, adding a vinyl entryway to a carpeted room can add a little “umph” to the overall look of a room.

Patterns — Just like colors, many of Ozburn-Hessey’s vendors have a variety of collections that have an array of contrasting patterns. Combining different patterns is a unique way to create a mesmerizing look. Vinyl and carpet patterns are unique and easy to install. Mixing and matching different types of hardwood is a fun pattern you can tailor to your taste and your business.  

Adding your own flare to your commercial carpets is a great way to spice up your space. Whether it’s with patterns, colors or different materials and textures, the mixing and matching options are endless! Have questions or need guidance? Ozburn-Hessey is here to help you with all your floor installation needs. Call them for a consultation and get started on your flooring installation today!

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