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How to Care for Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwoods are beautiful, traditional floors, but it’s important to keep them clean in order to lengthen the life of your floor. Though this might seem like common sense, it can often be overlooked, especially if your hardwood floor installation is in a commercial space. From a simple cleaning to flooring repair, here are a few steps to consider when caring for your hardwood floors:

Weekly Cleaning — Dust with a sweeper or broom. Apply a dusting agent that will pick up hair, dust and dander on the sweeper to ensure a thorough clean-up. And voila! You have a sparkly, clean floor! Please note the problems of using a vacuum on the hardwood floors. The wheels will scratch the surface causing unnecessary damage.

Seasonal Cleaning — A simple weekly sweep is not always going to pick up the dirt and grime that builds up after time. Like carpet occasionally, you’ve got to get a little deeper. Clean the floors using a hardwood flooring cleanser according to the label’s instructions about twice a year. Once you are finished, be sure to remove any excess liquid from the floors. This will prevent any water damage to the hardwood flooring.

Spot Treatment and Repairs — Every now and then, repairing your hardwoods is important to keep your flooring looking good as new. Whether it’s residential or commercial hardwood, scuffs, scrapes and water damage will happen. Be sure to get the spots repaired quickly to avoid any future damage. 

Just like with carpet or vinyl, you need to keep it clean and looking nice, especially if you’re running a business. Yes, hardwood can last a long time but they have to be properly cleaned on a routine basis in order to maintain its beauty. Have questions about hardwood repairs or hardwood floor installation? Ozburn-Hessey is available for consultations throughout the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area including Franklin, Belle Meade, Madison and Bellevue. Call Ozburn-Hessey today at (615) 254-1585 for more information.

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