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3 Spaces To Not Overlook for Floor Installation

The variety of floors available for floor installation is seemingly endless. You can use carpet, hardwood and vinyl — just to name a few. And from there, you can choose color, material and cost. Whether you’re installing commercial carpet for an office, or hardwood for your living room, with Ozburn-Hessey’s help you’ll have shiny new floors in no time. There are unique floor spaces that can often be overlooked but can drastically change the way a room looks or functions. These significant, yet often smaller, areas of your business or home can really benefit from upgrades during floor installation.

Staircases — You can easily upgrade your staircase with new carpet or hardwood. Just like your floors, your staircase is something to be admired. With corresponding colors and patterns for both carpet and hardwood, your staircase can bring your home or office from looking ‘good’ to ‘spectacular.’ 

Entryway — Your entryway is the first thing visitors will see when they enter the building. Make sure it also looks fabulous. Since people are coming from outside, carpet is not typically recommended, but you have all sorts of attractive options with hardwood and vinyl. With beautiful new hardwood or vinyl (or even a new carpet rug), you can make a big statement to everyone who enters your home or business. 

Storage or Laundry Room — This is an area of a home or commercial space that is often overlooked because it’s not usually visible to guests. However, a storage room needs the right type of flooring for not only practicality purposes, but because it can inspire long-term organization. Obviously hardwood or carpet is not the best fit for laundry or storage rooms, but vinyl is a great choice. Not only can it withstand the wear and tear these rooms see from day-to-day, it’s an inexpensive upgrade. 

Flooring can do so much for the overall space of a building, and that includes all the nooks and crannies of your business or home. Whether you want to install commercial carpet in a swanky downtown hotel, or have an awe-inspiring entryway in a famous Nashville museum, Ozburn-Hessey can collaborate on your vision, and make sure your dreams come to fruition. For more information about floor installation and the different options available, contact Ozburn-Hessey today! 

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