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Why Acoustical Ceilings? A Look at the Benefits

We all know Ozburn-Hessey installs great-looking flooring. From Westminster Presbyterian Church to MTSU, we can see their floor installation work all over Middle Tennessee. But what about ceilings, particularly acoustical ceilings? And what are the benefits to installing this type of ceiling tile, especially in Music City? The benefits to using acoustical ceilings are numerous. With a range of styles in a variety of price ranges, you can surely find something you love. Here’s only a few reasons why acoustical ceilings are the way to go for your ceiling installation needs:

Sound absorption — You can find acoustical ceilings in a variety of venues throughout Nashville. Auditoriums, classrooms, and lobbies all have some sort of acoustical ceiling tile in their interior design. The main thing all these venues have in common is the amount of sound that it can generate in any given day. Due to this sound, acoustical ceilings can come in handy. With sound absorption, clients no longer have to worry about earaches due to the distraction of extra sound in the room. Now they can enjoy quality sound with minimal interruptions.

Sound quality — Just like sound absorption, sound quality is a crucial aspect to acoustical ceilings. Many ceiling tiles come equipped with sound reverberation technology used to improve the overall sound coming through the room. This can often come in handy in auditoriums or music venues when the sound quality is important to the overall aesthetic of the performance.

Aesthetics — But the sound quality doesn’t have to come at the costs of the aesthetic of the ceiling. Ozburn-Hessey understands the importance of the overall, finished look. With an array of options, all kinds of looks are readily available to make your commercial space look professional and impressive.

Price — Price is usually the dominating factor when completing ceiling or floor installation. Ozburn-Hessey gets it! The great thing about acoustical ceilings is the price tag. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. With a large catalogue of vendors, Ozburn-Hessey is sure to help you find the right ceiling within your price range.

Floors and ceilings are Ozburn-Hessey’s bread and butter. As you can see, acoustical ceilings are a great choice when shopping around for the right ceiling tiles for your commercial space. Sound quality, aesthetics and price are all great reasons to start a conversation with us today. Want more information on Ozburn-Hessey’s ceiling installation process, flooring installation, or want pricing? Call them today for more information!

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