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Fixing Common Floor Problems: When to Call a Professional

Floors, especially in a commercial space, can see a lot of traffic. Among workers walking through hallways, spills, common wear and tear, and other mishaps, your flooring sees a lot of action. So what do you do if something rips, stains or scratches the floor? Though many times it’s an easy fix that you can do yourself, sometimes it’s necessary to call a professional to see about a repair. While Ozburn-Hessey works hard to ensure every floor installation is completed with durable and long-lasting floors, things happen and the floors do age, which is why it’s important to understand the difference between a cosmetic repair and a professional repair:

Deep cut vs. scruff marks in hardwood — Hardwood is a handsome choice when choosing a floor. It’s traditional, versatile and can last for years as long as its maintained properly. So what happens if someone wearing heels scratches the surface? Though not all scratches require professional assistance, it’s important to understand the difference. If it’s a simple scruff mark, the repair can be simple and DIY. If the scratch is deep and damages the hardwood in any way, contact a repair specialist for options.

Snag in carpet vs. ripples in carpet — Commercial carpet is a common choice among businesses, especially offices. But with it’s frequent presence can come bits of wear and tear. Snags in the carpet and ripples in walkways are common occurrences and while the one can be fixed easily enough, the other needs a specialist. Ripples in carpet require carpet stretching and can be a complex chore thus requiring a professional. Snags in carpet are a result of high traffic volume and can be fixed easily yourself with the right tools.

Spill on vinyl vs. water damage — Vinyl flooring is also a common type of flooring, especially in areas such as hospitals, daycares and schools. Vinyl is a durable flooring that can stand up to constant spilling and traffic. So common spills such as food and drink can be easily cleaned and the stain repaired without fuss. However, water damage can be another problem. Flooding (example: The Great Nashville Flood) or simple spills left unattended can warp and damage the vinyl tiles giving need to a professional’s help.

Commercial carpet, hardwood and vinyl are built to last. They’re durable products that can withstand years of use. And sometimes a simple repair is necessary to keep your floors looking marvelous. While we all hope the repairs can be made simply, sometimes a professional is warranted. It’s necessary to understand when to call to avoid further damage (and costing you more money in the long run) and when to consider a new floor installation. Not sure if your floors need a professional and live within the Greater Nashville area? Call Ozburn-Hessey with questions to be sure. They will be able to assist you in any questions and set up any necessary repairs to get your floors looking great again without a fuss.

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