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Carpet Myths Revealed

For some reason, commercial carpet gets a bad rap. Often consumers are choosing not to install carpet in their Nashville home or Middle Tennessee office for reasons that aren’t exactly true.  But the truth of it is that commercial carpet is actually a cost-effective, healthy and environmentally-friendly choice for floor installation.

Carpet is hard on allergy-sufferers — This is a common misconception among asthma and allergy sufferers.  Many think that carpet can increase allergy symptoms but that’s just simply not the case. In fact, they filter the allergens and prevent them from circulating the air. But just like everything else, it’s important to clean up any potential allergens trapped in the carpet to avoid unnecessary irritation.

Carpet is hard to clean and doesn’t last long — On the contrary, many vendors produce durable and stain-resistant carpet for all kinds of purposes. People completing floor installation want to use something that is cost-effective and durable, and you can achieve both with high-quality carpet.

Carpet is bad for the environment — Many vendors work diligently to offer eco-friendly options to customers. Companies like Mannington understand the importance of environmentally-friendly carpet, so they work hard to make it a priority by using the materials in the carpet and in their disposal system.  

Carpet is ugly — If you’ve seen some of the beautiful installation jobs Ozburn-Hessey has completed, you know this isn’t true! With hundreds of fibers, patterns and colors, carpet choices are endless. You can virtually achieve any look you want with carpet — you just need to know where to look!

Carpet is a smart and affordable choice for floors. And with Ozburn-Hessey’s help, installation can be simple and quick! You don’t have to worry about skimping out on durability or aesthetics, because with carpet, you can get everything you want from your floors. Want more information on floor installation and commercial carpet options? Call Ozburn-Hessey today. 

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