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How to Prepare Your Floors for Spring

Winter time has hit Nashville full-force with ice storms, snow and low temperatures. We know you’ve been working diligently to protect your floors from all the extreme weather, but now it’s time to start thinking warmer temperatures and sunny skies as spring approaches. No matter the type of floor or the age of your carpet, hardwood or vinyl, it’s time to get in spring-cleaning mode and prepare yourself (and your flooring) for the warmer months.

few ways to prepare your floors:

  1. Deep clean — A deep clean is not necessary frequently, but as your office or home takes care of other spring-cleaning chores, this is a great time to give your carpet or hardwoods a deep-clean. Floors should not be overlooked and cleaning them does wonders to the overall cleanliness of your commercial or residential space.

  2. Wash rugs — Just like your flooring, cleaning or washing your rugs is a great way to prepare for the spring and summer. Whether they’re large rugs covering an entire lobby, or bath mats in the restrooms, these are simple ways to clean your area.

  3. Replace mats — Replacing mats can be done less frequently than cleaning your mats and rugs, but it is important to check if it’s necessary. If you have doormats with salt stains or other mats that are torn up from use, spring is a great time to replace those small items. It will give your vinyl, hardwood or carpet a fresh look that customers will notice.

  4. Repair scratches/dents — Just like the potholes on I-65 that developed from winter weather, dents and other cosmetic marks need to be repaired after wintertime. With warmer weather on the horizon, consider repairing your hardwoods; stretching your carpet or other small fixes that you’ve been putting off. And if it doesn’t look like repairs can cover damages, this is the time to start planning and budgeting for floor installation later in the year.

There is nothing like Middle Tennessee in the springtime! With the new season comes renewal, which is why it’s a great time to prepare your floors for the hustle and bustle of spring and summer. For more information or questions about cleaning, floor repair, or floor installation, Ozburn-Hessey is readily available to help. Call them today for more information!

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