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Three Times Your Floors Need Cleaning

You know by now that cleaning floors improves the quality and longevity of your carpet or hardwood. From simple cleaning methods to deep-cleaning, cleaning your floors is a necessary chore that should be completed on a regular basis. Whether you hire a professional for regular maintenance, or you set yourself a reminder to do it yourself, clean your floors often to keep them beautiful for years to come! And even if you clean your flooring regularly, it’s important to consider the following extreme cases when cleaning your carpet or hardwood is necessary:

Bad Weather. Nashville has been a mecca of icy and cold weather lately. Snow, salt and lots of water have crossed our doorways the last couple months. Those elements can get on your floors warping the hardwood or staining the carpet. Be cautious of Middle Tennessee’s winter storms and make sure doormats are placed at all of your entrances. Doormats will help absorb some of these nasty elements, but also clean entryways and hallways if water or salt is carried in.

Traffic. This can mean a variety of things. Did you have a big party? Consider a thorough cleaning. Not only does this get rid of dirt and grim, but it also alleviates any stains from the social gathering. Maybe you didn’t have a party, but your space gets a lot of traffic. For this reason alone it’s a good idea to clean your flooring more frequently. Customers, pets, kids and employees can have an effect on the lifespan of your beautiful floor installation if you don’t give it the TLC it needs.

It’s Been Awhile. Without a schedule, cleaning your flooring can be put on the back burner. Before you know it, your carpet is worn or your hardwood is damaged. Don’t let this problem creep up on you. If it’s been awhile since your carpet or hardwood has had a deep-clean then call a professional. It’s recommended that you clean the floors on a regular basis, and deep-cleaning is necessary every so often to keep your floors looking brand as new.

Most people don’t get excited when they hear the have to clean something, but it’s important maintenance for any type of floor installation. Nashvillians are busy people. Ozburn-Hessey understands that more than anyone! But keeping your floors clean can not only make your space look great, but it improves the lifespan of your flooring giving you one less thing to worry about in the long run. Have questions or need recommendations for professional cleaners? Give Ozburn-Hessey a call for more information.

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