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Resilient Flooring for Medical Settings — What You Need to Know

Flooring can be a room’s smallest detail. It’s rarely the most dominant part of a space, but it can be the most important. The same holds true for emergency facilities such as emergency rooms, doctor’s offices or other healthcare facilities like surgery centers. Not only can a floor tie a room together and make it look professional, but it can also aid in providing a number of services for the people who use it.

Resilient floors are vital in these settings. Whether it’s vinyl, linoleum or rubber flooring, these types of flooring are a popular flooring for many healthcare spaces in the area. Specifically facilities such as the Northridge Surgery Center in Madison, Summit Surgery Center in Hermitage, and St. Thomas Midtown in Nashville all have resilient flooring thanks to Ozburn-Hessey’s floor installation services.

But why is this type of flooring important for these medical spaces? These floors are sound absorbent and easy to clean for starters. But in addition, they are slip resistant and ergonomic. This comes in handy as many of these type of facilities have emergency situations where walking and standing is crucial. Flooring installation, specifically rubber flooring, has a variety of other benefits as well that are great for not just health care facilities, but education buildings and much more!

All commercial spaces are different. There’s never a one-size fit all for installation. That is why some spaces are better suited with carpet, and some vinyl or hardwood. But health care facilities and other fast-paced environments benefit from resilient flooring. For more information about floor installation or questions about resilient flooring call Ozburn-Hessey today!

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