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Three Tips on Choosing Hardwood for Your Commercial Space

So you know the tricks and tips for choosing carpet for your commercial space, but maybe carpet isn’t the look you’re going for. Perhaps something more traditional or long-lasting? If that’s the case, maybe hardwood is your choice. With all kinds of options, hardwood flooring is available in great designs and color options for floor installation. Do you love hardwood but want to make sure it’s the right fit? Here are some things to consider before choosing:

  1. Consider your space. Just because you like hardwood doesn’t necessarily mean hardwood is the best option in your space. For example, if you’re running a daycare, perhaps carpet or rubber flooring would be best suited for your needs. However if you have a commercial space such as a museum or a gallery, hardwoods might be just the ticket!
  2. Consider your budget. You have probably heard it before, but considering your budget is a huge factor to consider regarding floors. Most of the time, hardwoods can be on the higher end when it comes to floor prices, but they last years and there are a variety of options to consider. With vast array of vendors (hyperlink), Ozburn-Hessey can help you find what you want within the limits of what you want to spend.
  3. Consider maintenance requirements. This is crucial for hardwood flooring. Floor maintenance ensures the floors lifespan, so it’s important to consider this factor before floor installation begins. Need something with low maintenance but want the look of hardwood? Ozburn-Hessey can help you find an alternative that works.

Hardwood is beautiful and looks great in all kinds of commercial spaces. If you love hardwood and are interested in pricing and floor installation information within the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, Ozburn-Hessey is here to help! With a budget, style and maintenance requirements in mind, you’ll have beautiful new floors in no time! For more information, call the Ozburn-Hessey team today! 

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