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How to Protect your Floors from Winter Damage

Whether we want to believe it or not, winter is upon us. The cold weather has already hit us and now we anxiously wait if any snow from the Midwest hits Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Though staying inside next to a warm fire sounds appealing, many people have to trek on to work and other necessary chores through all the ice, rain and possible snow. What does this mean for your floors? As long as you protect them and give them a little TLC, your floors can come out unscathed.

Daily Care — This might seem like an obvious one, but it can’t be expressed enough. Routine care on your hardwood, carpet or other flooring increases your floor’s longevity. If salt or water piles up on the floors, especially in high-traffic areas, clean it up immediately to avoid any possible damage.

Rugs & Mats in Entryways — This is also an easy solution for people bringing in all kinds of bad substances for your floors. A variety of mats and rugs are available that fit your style and budget. Ozburn-Hessey even offers an array of rugs for interested customers. Whether it’s salt, water, leaves or mud, using a mat or a entryway rug can help keep that gross stuff out while you walk in.

Install durable flooring in entryway — Sometimes a more permanent approach is necessary, especially when you want something for all year round. Ozburn-Hessey has a catalog of floor installation options available to you if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting floor that can stand up to all of winter’s weather mishaps

Keeping your floors protected during the holiday season is an important habit to keep up when the weather gets bad. Not only does this protect your floors, but it also keeps your employees, customers, family and friends safe when entering your establishment. Tracking in water could be a huge hazard for slipping and falling. Need help deciding on the best way to protect your hardwood, carpet or other floors? Ozburn-Hessey can help! Call them today for more information. 

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