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Need New Floors for Your Office? Call Ozburn-Hessey

One of the most important factors in designing an office space is the floors. Not only does it say a lot about your business, but it also allows comfort, ease and functionality in your work environment. All that to say, sometimes floor installation can be expensive. Sometimes the more appealing route would be opting for something less expensive or cutting corners, but this could end up costing you more money in the long run. Take hiring a general contractor, for example. While a general contractor can be a benefit to you in many ways (HVAC system, lighting, walls), installing floors might not be the best option. So who do you call? Ozburn-Hessey is a great resource for many reasons!

Save you money — Did you know going straight through Ozburn-Hessey can save your floor installation costs by around 20%? This is a huge cost-saving strategy for people who are on a budget during carpet installation. Ozburn-Hessey understands that clients oftentimes have strict budgets, especially when it comes to commercial spaces, and they want to work with you to make sure your favorite type of floors fit within your monetary guidelines.

Coordinate around your work schedule — Business owners are busy people! Whether you are a music executive on Music Row or a general manager at an advertising agency in the Gulch, we know schedules get jam-packed. That’s why Ozburn-Hessey will work with your calendar to make sure your flooring job is done when it’s convenient for you. No hassle, no need to reschedule meetings; just carpet installation with ease.

Manages the entire project — One of the great things about Ozburn-Hessey’s service is their ability to manage the entire project from start to finish. This includes moving furniture; removing old carpet; installation the new floors; moving the furniture back in place. The team is specialized and trained to get the job done efficiently and quickly while maintaining the utmost quality. 

Ozburn-Hessey is a great asset for any of your flooring installation needs, especially an office. Not only does working with them save you money versus a general contractor, but it also takes the burden off of you from doing part of the project yourself. Ozburn-Hessey services areas all around Nashville including Green Hills, Belle Meade, Madison, Bellevue and Franklin. Want more information about carpet or other floor installation? Call them today! 

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