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Things to Remember When Cleaning Carpet

Carpet is one of Ozburn-Hessey’s most popular flooring options, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it provide comfort and style in your home or office, but it can also be cost efficient when on a budget. But just like any other floor, your carpet needs to be regularly cleaned (and we don’t just mean a quick sweep of the vacuum every now and then). Doing a thorough, deep clean is a great way to keep those floors looking beautiful and healthy.

Of course there are times when your floors are in desperate need of a new carpet installation, and you can review that list here, but there does come a time when you can clean the floors yourself if you know the tricks of the trade:

Test stain removers first: One big mistake you can make when cleaning your floors is not testing out a new stain remover. Before taking the remover to the middle of your home or office, test out a hidden spot in your commercial carpet to make sure there is no discoloration in your flooring.

Blotting technique: When blotting away a stain, the best method is outward to inward to avoid spreading the stain. And absolutely no rubbing!

Some stains and odors can be resolved with household products: There are times when you’re convinced an odor or stain can’t come out. Don’t worry! If they’re fresh oil stains, use cornstarch to absorb the oil. Once it’s absorbed, blot it up with a wet cloth and dish soap. Have an odor you just can’t get rid of? Try baking soda and leave it over overnight. The next morning, vacuum it up and voila!

Life happens! So it’s no surprise when stains get on your beautiful carpeted floors. But with a little tender-loving-care, you are on your way to a stain-free floor! Have so many deep-set stains your commercial carpets are ruined? Ozburn-Hessey can help you out! Call them today for any and all your  commercial carpet and installation needs. Call them today for a free estimate

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