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Reasons to Refinish Your Hardwoods

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring in residential and commercial settings. Homes, churches and museums are only a few of the places that embody beautiful hardwood, but hardwood installation isn’t the only way to get beautiful hardwood. In many cases, particularly older buildings, hardwood flooring is already there, it’s just a matter of refinishing.   

Most recently, Ozburn-Hessey has worked on a floor that have been covered up for years at First Baptist Church (on the corner of 7th Avenue South and Broadway) in downtown Nashville. Not only are these floors approximately 80 years old, but they also embody rich history that will give the chapel room more character. If you have old floors underneath carpet or it just need some tender loving care, refinishing is a great way to make your hardwood shine. Here are a few other reasons to consider refinishing hardwood floors:

  • It’s like getting a brand new set of floors. Instead of putting new ones in, work with the ones you’ve got! With a little sanding, polishing and Ozburn-Hessey’s help, your floors are as good as new in just a matter of days!

  • It’s less expensive. Refinishing your hardwood gives you that new hardwood look, but saves a lot of money. Even though you have to stay off the floor during the job (just like a hardwood installation), it saves costs in both material and in labor.

  • Restoring floors not only add character but also history to your interior decor. Giving life to old flooring is a great way to showcase the great quality and craftsmanship from long ago.

Having great floors is just one way to reflect your personality, in both a residential and commercial setting. Whether you’re flipping a home, seeking new floor installation, or refinishing a church, Ozburn-Hessey can get the job down in no time. Interested in learning more about their services? Contact them today for a free consultation! Ozburn-Hessey serves Nashville areas including Franklin, Brentwood, Belle Meade and Madison.

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