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Seismic Bracing Heading to Nashville?

Earthquakes are an unpredictable phenomenon, and they don’t just limit themselves to California. Earthquakes can also hit areas all over the United States, including Tennessee. According to news station WDRB, the U.S. Geological Survey has predicted increased risks along the New Madrid Fault, which runs over a large portion of the Midwest and expanding into Tennessee. This is a very serious situation as many people are not prepared for the possibility of high magnitude shocks that could extend over many states.

What does that mean for ceilings? Currently, seismic bracing requirements for acoustical ceilings are based on the regions of the country. Each area has a different category that ranges from A to F. The higher the risk, the stricter the requirement. Currently, Nashville requires no seismic bracing for their acoustical ceilings. The only support necessary for these ceilings is standard support systems. If the U.S. Geological Survey’s findings are true, we may see some stricter requirements for acoustical ceilings in the city’s future.

How can Ozburn-Hessey help? While seismic bracing is not a requirement for Nashville at the moment, Ozburn-Hessey takes several measures to make sure your acoustical ceilings are sturdy and sound. Not only that, but the team is constantly keeping up-to-date on all the latest findings and requirements for ceiling installation. If you call them to work on your ceilings, rest assure that they are using the best standards for the best quality of installation.

Seismic bracing is a common practice for many regions of the United States. As scientists begin to discover more things about earthquakes and the risks involved, seismic bracing might be an installation requirement sooner than expected for Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Interested in learning more about Ozburn-Hessey and flooring and ceiling installation? Contact them today! 

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