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3 Reasons Why Floor Warranties are Awesome

When you purchase a high-priced item, one of the first questions you ask is if it comes with a warranty, right? Warranties are great to have when buying anything from a piece of jewelry to a new set of floors! Ozburn-Hessey offers a 1-year installation warranty for all of their floor installation projects. This means that if something goes wrong, Ozburn-Hessey will come and fix it for you, free of charge!

So why else are warranties awesome? Here are just a few reasons to consider:

They are a great back-up plan. As mentioned, warranties are great if something happens to your carpet or hardwood. If something goes wrong within the year, just call Ozburn-Hessey to fix it for you. No hassle, no worries! That’s a great thing.

They promote good installation the first time. Providing warranties ensures you are getting the best service available within the Nashville and Franklin area. Ozburn-Hessey wants to make sure you never have to use your warranty, so they’re always striving to make sure you receive the best product and experience available. Yes, mistakes do happen (part of why a warranty is in place), but Ozburn-Hessey wants to make sure the job is done right for their customers the first time.

They are free. If a customer needs to take advantage of their floor installation warranty, it’s free of charge! As a business owner, Ozburn-Hessey understands that there are many other costs to consider, so we want you to feel comfortable knowing that if something were to go wrong, they’ve got you covered.

Whether Ozburn-Hessey is installing floors in Brentwood or downtown Nashville, we want to make sure you receive the best service possible. While we strive to make sure you never have to take advantage of the warranty, it’s important to have a warranty in place for any flooring mishaps. Interested in learning more about carpet, hardwood, or other floors? Call Ozburn-Hessey today for a free consultation

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