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Climb Nashville: Installing Floors With Care

Climb Nashville is Metro’s popular place for indoor rock climbing, yoga and fitness. Already located in East Nashville, Climb Nashville is expanding to a new west side location to ensure those who don’t want to cross the Cumberland River can continue to have some fun. But just like their walls, the flooring at Climb Nashville is incredibly important for its climbers. It’s their final bit of protection when climbing. But with the help of Ozburn-Hessey, Climb Nashville was able to take their floor installation to a whole other level.

For two and a half weeks, the team at Ozburn-Hessey worked along side Climb Nashville completing the floor installation for the new Charlotte Avenue site. One of the cool things about this project is the teamwork for installing the floors. Three main materials went into the floor installation process: padding, carpet and hard labor. While Ozburn-Hessey provided the carpet and hard labor, Climb Nashville provided their own padding system for the bouldering wall area. This unique padding system was less expensive than manufacturing padding, and aesthetically pleasing. For the yoga and fitness classes, rubber flooring was installed.

The bouldering wall floor system isn’t the only floor Ozburn-Hessey installed during Climb Nashville West’s expansion. All around the climbing walls, they installed Tiffin’s fitness floor. This dependable and durable product was tested by the crew at Climb Nashville to ensure safety and comfort for their customers.

As you can see, Ozburn-Hessey is always finding fun and interesting flooring projects to work on. Ozburn-Hessey accepts the challenge of innovative commercial floors all over Nashville. Do you have commercial floors that needs some Ozburn-Hessey love? Call the Ozburn-Hessey today to schedule a consultation for your next floor installation. And be sure to visit Climb Nashville’s new location on the west side, which opened up on June 17th! 

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