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Awesome Ways to Incorporate Carpet in Your Commercial Space

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring for commercial (and residential) purposes. Not only is it versatile with its vast designs and textures, but it also meets a lot of needs for noise, traction and other functions. So how can you incorporate carpet for your floors? Well, whether you are installing new floors or just sprucing up your existing floors, Ozburn-Hessey has you covered. Here is a look at four awesome ways to incorporate carpet in your flooring installation.

Carpet Area Rugs — Need to add a little “umph” to your existing floors? Look no further. Area rugs are an easy and cost effective way to add style and texture to your floors. One of the great things about rugs is that the colors, styles and patterns are endless! No matter the look you are going for, you can find the perfect carpet area rug. Looking for a bold color? It’s available. Looking for something a little three dimensional? It’s also available. 

Large Event SpacesThe Country Music Hall of Fame doesn’t just have hardwood floors. Carpet is a huge part of the floor space in the large event hall. Carpets are great for large event spaces not only because they can look sophisticated, but they can also be stain resistant for banquets and slip resistant for walking.  

Office Spaces — Mostly for the sound control, carpet is a popular choice for offices. Clicking of heels and other echoes can be absorbed into the carpet, which is a very popular benefit of carpet installation. Other reasons to choose carpet for your floors? Design, cost and replacement are just a few others to consider.

Home — Flooring installation isn’t limited to commercial flooring for Ozburn-Hessey. Looking to install carpet for your home as well? We can do that! Servicing all around the Nashville area, including Brentwood, Murfreesboro and Cool Springs, Ozburn-Hessey can install the perfect carpet for your home that fits your style and budget.

Today, flooring has so many options, like hardwood, carpet and vinyl. They are endless! But carpet is a great and cost effective way to add some pizzazz and style to any commercial space. Whether you’re adding a little carpet (like an area rug) or a lot of carpet (for an event space), there are so many great ways to install carpet. Need some help? Ozburn-Hessey is always available to answer your questions. Give them a call today at (615) 254-1585!

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