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Awesome Ways to Incorporate Hardwoods

People love hardwoods for a number of different reasons. They look great, they last a long time, and they can go with any decor! Hardwoods are great for many interiors, but what are some obvious spaces where we can show off hardwoods? Retail spaces, basketball courts, and your home are only a few to consider when thinking about completing hardwood installation.

Unique Retail Spaces — Want to open up a coffee shop in Brentwood? Do it! Hardwood floors would be a great alternative look for your retail space. Reclaimed wood was a fast growing trend in 2013 and is still a popular floor installation choice for unique spaces.

Large Event Spaces — The Country Music Hall of Fame — need we say more? These hardwoods speak for themselves. Adding hardwoods to a large event space makes the whole space look great! Whether you are hosting a wedding or running a museum downtown, hardwoods can add a touch of class to any event.

Indoor Sports — Anyone want to play some basketball? Maybe some volleyball? Hardwood floors are great for athletic courts. This floor installation and upkeep can be tricky, but the outcome is well worth it.

Home — Your home is a great space for hardwood flooring, which is versatile for all types of decor. Though hardwoods are an investment, they are becoming more popular in living rooms, bedrooms and other living spaces. Ozburn-Hessey doesn’t just stick to commercial installation! They can do residential hardwood installation as well. Need more information? Visit us here. 

Flooring has never been so exciting for people wanting to reinstall. You have so many types to choose from — the choices are endless! If you want hardwood flooring, think outside the box. There are many great ways to incorporate these floors into your residential or commercial space. For more information about floor installation in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, call Ozburn-Hessey today! 

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