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Project Spotlight: Rulon International & Ozburn-Hessey at Vanderbilt University’s Kissam Hall

Every university hall needs a great ceiling, just like their floors! That’s where Ozburn-Hessey and Rulon International come in. Together, they recently completed a rather cool project at Vanderbilt University’s Kissam Hall’s quad courtyard and breezeways. The benefits of Rulon International’s Linear Open Wood are endless! And with Ozburn-Hessey’s help, ceilings never looked so good.

With more than four crews working on this project on and off over three to four months, these ceilings will be something to be admired to years to come. Covering over 6,500 square feet of hardwood installation, this clear maple hardwood finish was installed on some of the exterior soffits, breezeway and Main Street corridor ceilings. 

Benefits of Rulon International’s Linear Open Wood

  • It is interior and exterior rated. The same ceiling you see inside Kissam Hall is the same ceiling you see outside on the breezeway. 

  • If you have interior panels, it has great acoustic properties. This is important in a university, where controlling and minimizing sound is important.

  • Aesthetics. The Linear Open Wood comes in 11 different colors. In addition, Rulon is capable of doing custom stains at no additional charge to you so you can get the right color that matches your design. Finding a color that is right for your ceiling installation has never been easier. 

http://ozburn-hesseycompany.com Ozburn-Hessey installs Rulon International’s Linear Open wood ceiling system.

With the benefits of Rulon International’s Open Wood and Ozburn-Hessey’s ceiling installation, Kissam Hall is in great shape. For more information about hardwood installation, floor or ceiling installation services, contact Ozburn-Hessey today. Need more information about Rulon International’s Linear Open Wood? Be sure to visit their website for more information.

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