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3 Reasons to Make Quality Carpet Fiber a Part of Your Design

Are you familiar with the saying, “you get what you paid for?” This applies to floor installation, and especially carpets. Yes, cleaning your carpet is key to maintaining long-lasting and beautiful floors, however making the investment on a quality carpet with superior fibers will go a long way. Not only will it extend the overall life and quality of your carpet, but it will help keep all those high traffic areas and stains to a minimum. Perhaps you run an office and need the hallway carpet replaced or maybe you work in a Nashville area school and stains are unavoidable. Either way, do your research before purchasing.

Here are a few things to consider when you are in the market for new carpet installation:

  1. Extend the overall life and quality of your carpet. This is just common sense. If you pay a little more for the product, you are more likely going to get “more bang for your buck.” From extended warranties to the types of materials, consider the initial cost a smart investment. The type of carpet can begin with the type of fiber used to create it. High-quality fiber (such as Antron) gives the carpet the depth and texture that is unbeatable. 
  2. High traffic areas need a little extra thought. Are you considering carpet installation for an area that receives a lot of traffic or wear and tear? Be sure to keep this in mind while you shop for brands of carpet. There are many types of carpets that are meant to withstand high-volume areas, such as office hallways or lobbies. 
  3. Consider stains. Stains have a similar approach as high-traffic areas. There are many types of carpet that are stain-resistant that you should consider when looking at different brands. If you need help or don’t know what carpet would be best for your needs, Ozburn-Hessey is always available to help discuss types of carpet that will best fit your lifestyle.  

Sturdy materials like Antron fiber will keep your carpets beautiful longer, which means less hassle and more money for you in the long run. “Because what you put into carpet is what you get out of it.” This statement is true for any kind of carpet installation. Being mindful of the quality of your investment is what Ozburn-Hessey excels in.  We understand your budget and your desire for quality products. In addition, we realize that your floors might not be the only thing you are spending money on for your business.  We can help balance out quality, style, and budget to get the right product for your project. For additional information on carpet or floor installation, contact Ozburn-Hessey today!

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