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Floor Preparations During Floor Installation

So you’ve decided to install a new floor in your commercial business or home. From the floors at MTSU to the magnificent hardwood at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ozburn Hessey has experienced an array of floor preparations for projects both large and small. But one of the biggest issues the crew faces during floor installation projects are the floor preparations.

Floor preparations can mean moisture problems, rough slab issues or even dealing with existing adhesive. But the floors’ preparations are just as important as the floor installation itself. Ozburn-Hessey installers are required to attend yearly seminars to learn about new installation policies and procedures, ensuring only the best for Ozburn-Hessey’s clients.

The first couple steps the crew check off their list before floor installation are:

  • Testing the floor for excessive moisture

  • Smoothing out the floor with Ardex Feather Finish or self leveler.

When the preparation is complete for your carpet, hardwood or vinyl floors, the Ozburn-Hessey team use manufacturer recommended adhesives and follow installation guidelines. This ensures long-lasting flooring for customers.

The floor preparation is a process that is vital part of the finished product for so many beautiful floors in and around Nashville. For more information or questions about flooring and installation services, call Ozburn-Hessey today at (615) 254-1585.

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