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2013 Nashville Ceiling Trends

Floors aren’t the only thing that’s been hot this year for Ozburn-Hessey.  Business owners all around Nashville are installing new ceiling tiles in their new or refurbished spaces. Over the past year, people are starting to pay more attention to their ceiling as a way to revamp and renew their place of business, in addition to floors.

Upgraded ceiling tiles have become much more prevalent in 2013 than in the past few years. Ozburn-Hessey customers are starting to demand more luxury pieces for installation, versus a run-of-the-mill ceiling. Reasons for this trend could be a number of factors, such as the rise in economy. Either way, Ozburn-Hessey has been able to do a number of beautiful ceiling installations throughout the Middle Tennessee area for numerous commercial businesses.

A great example of a consumer’s desire to purchase more luxurious tiles are wood ceilings. Wood ceiling tiles have taken Nashville by storm. Ozburn-Hessey did a significant market share of wood ceilings in 2013. Their projects included the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Hatch Show Art Gallery and the BE Music Project.

The new year has just started, but we are excited to see where the ceiling trends will go from here. Will wood ceilings continue leading the trends or will perhaps acoustical ceilings take the cake? If you are interested in learning more about wood ceilings and other nice, commodity tiles, Ozburn-Hessey is always willing to help.

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