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2013 Nashville Floor Trends

Many different flooring trends have sprouted up through Nashville in 2013. Whether it is for style or functionality purposes, certain types of flooring has definitely stood out from other types of floors. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), reclaimed hardwoods, and carpet tiles are three popular types of floors that Ozburn-Hessey has seen an increase in sales. Here are some reasons why:
Carpet Tiles: Carpet tiles themselves is not a new concept; however the variety of carpet tile sizes and shapes have increased significantly. The standard carpet tile is 24″ by 24,” but now carpet tiles are available in 18″x 36″ or even hexagon shaped tiles.  With more variety available to customers, the more versatile the tiles have become.
Reclaimed Hardwood: This trendy, reclaimed hardwood or barn wood floor is exactly what you imagine in a coffee shop in East Nashville or a restaurant in 12 South. Whether it is for the purpose of being eco-friendly or trendy, the increase in popularity is all the same. Apart from traditional hardwood, reclaimed flooring or barn wood is also used for walls and ceilings. Ozburn-Hessey works with GoodWood to offer the best reclaimed hardwood available in the area.  
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): This tile has blown up in the last twelve months. Not only does the flooring look real, but it is also durable, which is a key concern for businesses. Also it’s safe to say that you will have a wide variety of styles and colors to chose from as most manufacturers are stocking up on LVT floors.
Last year’s trends in Nashville’s flooring embody a variety of types and purposes. If you want something more fashion-forward or a durable vinyl, Ozburn-Hessey has a solution for all your needs. Thanks to these 2013 trends your design ideas for 2014 are limitless.

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