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Country Music Hall of Fame Part 2: Hardwood Flooring

With every ceiling comes a floor. In Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame, both the flooring and ceiling have gone through weeks of renovation and now it’s ready for business. While the ceiling tiles in an earlier post are located in the Event Hall, this exquisite hardwood flooring is located in the Donor’s Lounge, Private Dining and Connector Corridor of the museum. Here are some great features about the installation:

  • The entire installation process took about 45 days for 7,000 square feet of space. (Or 70,000 pieces if you wanted to count them!). Ozburn-Hessey completed the installation and sanding all in 5 phases.
  • The unfinished 4″x4″ Mesquite End Grain wood was finished with Woca Master Oil. 
  • Mesquite wood is rated at 2,345 PSI (pounds per square inch), and while there’s no definitive measure for the Mesquite End Grain, it’s at least 10-20% harder than the standard. This means the flooring inside the Country Music Hall of Fame is practically hard as concrete!  Need a comparison? According to the Janka Hardness Scale, most homes with standard oak hardwood flooring are at 1360 for White Oak and 1290 for Red Oak. (That’s 70% harder than oak hardwood!)

The museum is now open to the public and you can check out the floors on the ground floor by the main entrance. But Ozburn-Hessey’s installation doesn’t stop with the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The company is all over Nashville and Middle Tennessee improving floors and ceilings for all who desire it. For more information about the Country Music Hall of Fame’s hardwood installation or Mesquite End Grain, call an Ozburn-Hessey employee today at (615) 254-1585. 

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