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Country Music Hall of Fame: Ceiling Installation

A ceiling is an important part but often overlooked of a building structure. It keeps the elements out, it keeps the warmth in and amplifies sound. The ceiling is also a great way to decorate or express any home or commercial space that deserves a bit of flare of design. Ozburn-Hessey has worked diligently to embody all these elements within the ceiling installation on 6th floor of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Located in the Event Hall (where all the receptions, weddings and shows go down), these custom metal, mesh panels were designed specifically for the Country Music Hall of Fame by Linder Group out of Germany. The entire ceiling is set at 4,000 square feet of a “floating cloud” that is not attached to any walls of columns.

Designed by Tuck Hinton Architects, they worked with Linder Group on any issues that came up during the process, like lighting problems. Allowed by city code, the mesh, metal panels have an open space for the sprinkler and speaker system that would not penetrate the ceiling.

There are a lot of players at work when it comes to designing and manufacturing the ceiling panels for Ozburn-Hessey, especially on such as scale as Nashville’s Country Music of Fame. With the help of the Linder Group and Tuck Hinton Architects, Ozburn-Hessey was able to assemble a project many people will oohs and ahs at for years to come.

For more information on ceiling installation or ceiling panels, call Ozburn-Hessey for a consultation. Ozburn-Hessey is also available for carpet and hardwood installation for commercial flooring. Call them at (615) 254-1585.

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