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Holiday Spirit and Nashville Floors

As the holiday season approaches many wonder how it is possible to use their floors to their advantage for the season’s spirit. Can you decorate the floor? How can you coordinate gifts without making it look like clutter? Is it better to decorate with hardwoods or carpet? Are there safety factors in Nashville to consider? Here are some things to think about before you “deck the halls.”

  • Decorating — Decorating the floors is probably a hard thing to do but it can be done for those who are full of holiday spirit. Add a tree skirt, holiday doormat or throw rug for your floors. These small changes are simple and easy to add and remove while protecting your existing floors.
  • Carpet or Hardwoods — There is really no clear-cut answer to which is better to have during the holidays. Both have great benefits! Carpets evoke warmth, while hardwoods are easier to clean when tinsel and pine needles take over. Whichever type of floors you have, you’ve got advantages, so work with them based on their outstanding qualities.  
  • Safety factors — By Christmas Eve, you have stacks of gifts all over your floors. Use open floor space to your advantage and move around gifts to avoid clutter and tripping hazards. If you’ve had new floors put in, your beautifully packaged gifts and your floors will look picture perfect together for all your family get together.  

Protecting your floorings (hyperlink) is not the only thing you should consider during the holiday season. Your hardwoods or carpet flooring is such a staple in your home, so you should highlight it with decorations while taking advantage of its qualities. If you are considering floor installation within Nashville or the Middle Tennessee area, call Ozburn-Hessey today at (615) 254-1585.

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