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Behind the Myth of Carpet and Nashville Allergies

Nashville: a hotbed of pollen, dust and dander for the allergy-prone. Spring, summer and fall months can often be painful for those who already have allergies or asthma. So as a business owner or a homeowner, how can you make this problem better for your customers, employees or family? Although there’s a lot of rumors around carpet having a huge impact on people’s allergies, many of these are just myths.

According to a 15-year study at the Swedish Institute of Fibre and Polymer Research, there’s no link between allergy suffers and carpet. In fact, the carpet has since been thought to act as a filter, trapping the allergens into the fibers. This keeps all that pet dander, dust and pollen from circulating in the air for your customers to breathe. This is great news, especially if you have the door opening and closing all the time.

It’s important to keep the carpet clean as well. Though the floor is not a large source of allergens, it’s still necessary to keep the floors clean. A few tips to keep in mind are:

Vacuum regularly: Vacuum daily or every other day, depending on traffic on your floors. This will not only keep the surface of the carpet clean, but avoid damage.

Deep Clean: From the first floor installation, do a thorough deep clean with hot water to your carpet. This will extract all the dirt embedded in your carpet your regular cleaner cannot get.

Limit Dirt: Post entrance mats at the entrances and exits for guests to wipe their feet. This will limit the amount of dirt that gets on the carpet.

Carpet in your place of business  or home can be a great option for your floor installation process. Not only does it provide improve overall acoustics but it also is great for safety and style. Pollen, mold and dust are all fearful allergens that everyone fears. However, knowing the truth to this fear, you have less to worry about as you live and work in Nashville.

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