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Need Floor Installation in Nashville? Here’s What to Expect from Ozburn-Hessey Before Hand

So you know your floor needs a bit of a face-lift, huh? Every business has been there — just a little something to boost change the tone and enhance the interior. It’s OK. Ozburn-Hessey can help. But what happens before the actual floor installation (or even a ceiling installation? Well, here’s a brief step-by-step guide to help you along the process so there’s no surprises along the way.

  1. Phone call to request an estimate. This is where the customer would be asked about the basic overview of the job, what they are looking for, etc.

  2. Gather any addition information regarding project/scope/timeframe/contact info over the phone.

  3. Schedule an onsite visit within the Middle Tennessee area to measure the project, space, floors, etc. (no charge).  Ozburn-Hessey will look at the field conditions and determine what all we be required to complete the job.

  4. Give detailed pricing based on budget selected by the customer. Ozburn-Hessey will answer any follow-up questions about the pricing and can accommodate any additional revisions.

  5. Schedule a consultation to select products/colors. (This is the fun part!) Ozburn-Hessey will meet with the client to discuss the different options based on their budget.

  6. Revise pricing based on the client’s final selections. (We’re almost there…)

  7. Wait for customer approval before ordering material and scheduling floor installation. Once approval has been made, installation is right around the corner!

See? Seven simple steps before installation to prepare Ozburn-Hessey clients for exactly what they want, in the price range they want. From the initial phone call to waiting back from client’s approval, customer service is the top priority. To call for an estimate and get the process started for your own floor or acoustical ceiling installation started, call Ozburn-Hessey in Nashville today at (615) 254-1585.

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