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How To Repair Scratches In Hardwood Floors — What Nashvillians Need To Know

Popular among business owners, authentic hardwood flooring is both elegant and long lasting. But just like with carpet and tile, it requires upkeep and maintenance to keep the floor at a quality level. There are so many great aspects to installing hardwood flooring. Not only does it reflect a sense of professionalism all its own, but you also get the “oohs and ahhs” from customers all over Nashville.

But as with any business floors, damage is only expected. Perhaps a lady in heels comes into your store off The Gulch, or maybe a customer drops their luggage on the lobby floor in your Downtown Nashville hotel. Whatever the case, cosmetic damage is only natural and is no reason to fret. From small scratches to huge dents, these floor-to-floor issues can be fixed. Here are a few steps to think about if you are looking to spot-treat hardwood flooring:

1.     Asses the damage. Depending on the size, these blemishes might be easily repaired with little to no cost. If it’s a small scratch, simple solutions can easily removed. If they’re deeper scratches, the damage will require a bit more tender-loving-care.

2.     DIY. If the damage is small, repairing the damage yourself might be the most cost-efficient way. Be sure to do your research and call a professional if you have any questions during the process. Ozburn-Hessey has years of experience working with hardwoods and will be able to steer you in the right direction.

3.     When in doubt, call a professional. There is nothing wrong with calling for help! Whether the damage is severe or you simple don’t have the time to handle it yourself, calling a professional is fastest and efficient way to get the repair completed. Ozburn-Hessey will be able to assist you in all your hardwood repair needs and even recommend hardwood alternatives that are more durable and require less maintenance, such as laminate.

Cosmetic damage to the hardwood flooring can affect the entire look of a room. Just like a huge wine stain on carpet, a deep scratch in hardwood can be an eyesore. Damage always varies floor to floor, and sometimes the best thing to do is seek professional help. Ozburn-Hessey has been working with businesses around Middle Tennessee for years to ensure their floors only look the best. For more information about hardwood flooring repairs, carpet or other flooring needs, call (615) 254-1585.   


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