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Picking the Right Type of Commercial Carpet in Middle Tennessee

Now that you’ve decided the color of carpet you want, it’s time to decide what type of carpet is best for your commercial needs. Don’t let this task become daunting! It doesn’t matter if you need carpet in your new restaurant in the Gulch or a hotel close to Gaylord Opryland, Ozburn-Hessey can assist you throughout the process and help you determine the best carpet for you. With years of experience, the company assures the best for their customers. Here are some types of carpet and their benefits.

  • Wool — This is a high-performance carpet with high value and comfort. Made with natural fibers, this carpet has a higher initial cost, but you’re paying for a high-quality product.
  • Nylon — This type of carpet is a very popular choice due to its outstanding durability. Carpet in this category is easy to clean, versatile and flexible with affordable costs.  
  • Polyester — This fiber is both stain-resilient and soft. In addition, it is incredibly budget friendly to your wallet.
  • Polypropylene — This type won’t absorb water and the carpet has to be “solution dyed” for the carpet to stain. Although it is not as resilient as the other carpets, the colors won’t fade when exposed to harsh lights, such as sunlight.

The best type of carpet varies floor to floor. The type of business you have will also help determine what kind of carpet to install. If you have a restaurant, polyester fibers with its stain resiliency might be the best type of floor to install. Or perhaps you’re installing carpet in an entryway with a lot of sunlight. If that’s the case, polypropylene might be the best carpet in the market for you.

Choosing the type of carpet for your flooring installation can be a fun experience, especially when you have a professional on your side. Ozburn-Hessey will not only help you determine the best carpet for your Nashville business needs, but also help you along the entire installation process from choosing a vendor to final installation. For more information, call Ozburn-Hessey at (615) 254-1585.

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