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Resilient Flooring Provides Great Option for Nashville Business Owners

Sometimes everyday life can take over the flooring in a building. The constant wear and tear of Nashvillians can weather a floor down considerably. Not only should your floor be durable but also beautiful. Resilience is the embodiment of resilient flooring (hence the name) but also stylish and long-lasting if installed correctly. Ozburn-Hessey is knowledgeable and experienced in working with resilient flooring, and can ensure the utmost satisfaction in your project.

Resilient floors are typically materials that are easy to stand on for long periods of time and can be water and stain resistant. Of course the durability varies from floor to floor, but Ozburn-Hessey will be able to assist you in choosing the type of flooring best suited for your needs.  

Some types of resilient flooring:

  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Cork

With years of experience, Ozburn-Hessey knows how to install every type of resilient floor to your desired specifications. Whatever the resilient flooring, Ozburn-Hessey understands your needs, steps up to the challenge, and goes go above and beyond your expectations.

Possible business that benefit from resilient floors:

  • Restaurants

  • Health care facilities

  • Beauty salons/spas

  • Schools

The need for resilient flooring varies. You might need a vinyl floor to keep your health care business looking clean and sanitized. Or you want a linoleum floor to resist stains and lead to easy pick up for the kitchen of a restaurant. If you are having trouble deciding what kind of flooring to use for your Nashville or Franklin business, Ozburn-Hessey will be more than happy to consult with you on materials, vendors and installation services.

Why are resilient floors good options:

  • Affordable

  • Beautiful

  • Durable

  • Easy routine maintenance and cleanliness

The importance of resilient floor is obvious here. Constant wear and tear is a key component for a resilient floor to be necessary. In addition, resilient floors make it easy to clean and maintain, while still inhibiting style and beauty in your business or home from West Nashville all the way to Hermitage. For more information on resilient flooring and Ozburn-Hessey’s installation services within the Middle Tennessee area, feel free to call at 615-254-1585.

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