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Ozburn-Hessey Uses Good Wood Nashville to Provide Superior Floor Installation

So you’ve decided — hardwood flooring it is! Might we say, that’s a great choice. Hardwood flooring looks clean, classic and professional — just what you need for your Nashville business. But now you must decide what kind of hardwood; how much; and what brand to buy. That’s where Ozburn-Hessey can come in. Not only will Ozburn-Hessey install flooring with the utmost quality and proficiency but also assist you in deciding the best flooring suited for your needs. Teamed up with local vendor Good Wood Nashville, Ozburn-Hessey has some of Nashville’s finest flooring right at your disposable.

Three great reasons why Ozburn-Hessey uses Good Wood Nashville:

1. Recycle-ization  — reclaimed wood (or reclaimed lumber) is rescued from places and items ranging from timbers, barns, factories to even wine barrels. Repurposed wood is used for unique and customized flooring and other remodels. If going green is your thing, Good Wood Nashville is right up your alley.

2. Customization — With repurposed hardwood flooring, customization is endless. The flooring can be milled to your preference. Oak, Heart Pine, Old Growth, Poplar and mixed hardwood are all available types of wood. In addition, you can choose from a dirty top or smooth-faced finish. Once you’ve picked out your desired type of flooring, Ozburn-Hessey will install your hardwood to your requested specifications. With over 30 years of experience, Ozburn-Hessey can guarantee superior craftsmanship and floor installation. 

3. Localization  — One of the great things about Music City is its community. Constantly supporting each other, local businesses thrive. Reclaimed and sold in Nashville, Good Wood Nashville is a local vendor that works directly with Ozburn-Hessey. By installing local hardwood flooring, you can be assured you’re getting something that is not only superior in quality but also truly Nashville-authentic.

With an excellent partnership within Middle Tennessee, customers are sure to receive the customer service they deserve. Reclaimed and customized to fit your needs, Ozburn-Hessey can install any Good Wood Nashville hardwood floor for your commercial or residential space. For more information or if you have any questions, please call Ozburn-Hessey at 615-254-1585.

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