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Want to be Eco-Friendly? Nashville’s Ozburn-Hessey Can Show You How with Armstrong’s Recycling Program

Going green is not just the trendy thing to do these days, but it’s the responsible thing to do. Reusing water bottles as you jog through Centennial Park, carrying reusable grocery bags while you shop at the Nashville’s Farmer’s Market and recycling your old ceiling tile are just a few easy and simple ways to show the Earth you care. That’s why Ozburn-Hessey is partnered with Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program to ensure your old ceiling never see a landfill.

Since 1999, Armstrong has recycled over 123 million square feet of ceiling – including ceiling materials Ozburn-Hessey removed. Not only is recycling your ceiling materials beneficial to the environment, but there are also benefits for yourself. Be assured that when working with Ozburn-Hessey your getting the best service possible with an eco-conscious attitude.

Based in Lancaster Pa., Armstrong is a worldwide leader in floor and ceiling manufacturing. Thirteen years ago, the company implemented a recycling program to keep ceiling tile out of landfills, and instead, reused and repurposed.  Ozburn-Hessey understood this need and implemented the program in their jobs throughout Nashville.

Benefits of recycling your ceiling tiles:

  • Achieve LEED credits

  • No landfill or dumpster fees

  • Early removal eliminates confusion and space issues during projects

  • Less landfill impact

  • Recycled ceiling become new, post-consumer content

  • Preserves natural resources

  • Overall gratification for doing something good for the environment

With Ozburn-Hessey on the job, not only can you expect great floor and ceiling installation, but also an environmentally-friendly method for disposing of all your old tiles and materials. For questions about the Armstrong Recycling Program or an estimate, please call (615) 254-1585. You can also see what kind of difference recycling old ceilings would do for the envoirnment, use Armstrong’s Environmental Impact Calculator at http://www.armstrong.com/commceilingsna/recyclingcalculator.jsp 

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