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How To Protect Hardwood Floors from a Nashville Winter

Believe it or not, we still have a few more weeks of winter.
(Spring can’t come soon enough, right?) However, as the last snowfall and ice
storms come through Nashville, it’s important to know how to care for your
hardwood flooring. If you’ve been ignoring it so far, now is the time to take
an oath to protect those floors and keep that hardwood beautiful.

The winter months can be harsh on hardwoods. Trekking in
water, slush and salt from the trails of Percy Warner Park or the Cumberland
River is easy, but fixing the damage it causes to your hardwood can sometimes
be difficult. While they’re some easy solutions for residential homes, it’s not
feasible to ask every person to take off their shoes at the door of a
commercial building. Here are some simple solutions that can help clean and
protect your hardwood floors.

1. Place doormats by entrances — Installing floor mats can stop
snow, ice and salt at the door. This is the quickest way to prevent unnecessary
damage to the hardwoods. Not only does this help protect your flooring, but
it’s also always a great way of preventing accidents. People walking on
hardwood flooring with wet boots can easily slip and fall. And let’s be frank,
that’s not good for business.

2. Use premium finishing — When it comes time to renovate
your hardwood floors, be sure to use products like Bona that will decrease
scuff and scratch marks. If repairs do become necessary, Bona makes it much
easier to fix.  Ozburn-Hessey can help
you decide what kind of finishing is best for your needs and assist you in
getting the job done.

3. Have maintenance on-call — Proper care and upkeep of the
hardwood is key to a lifelong floor. Be sure to have someone ready when maintenance
is needed. Having someone you trust and rely on is important in ensuring the
job gets done, and Ozburn-Hessey can be that for you. The team is available to
answer your maintenance questions and help keep those hardwood floors like new.

Don’t let the last few weeks of winter get the best of your
flooring. By taking simple measures such as place mats and high-quality
finishing, you’re one step ahead in maintaining beautiful hardwood floors. For
more information about Ozburn-Hessey and their services, call (615) 254-1585.

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